Subtask A

D.A1 -- Matrix of different industrial separation demands to be subjected to cutting edge thermal technologies versus availability of different low energy heat sources

D.A2 -- Definition of future R&D demand

D.A3 -- Specification of System design and key performance indicators as basis for comparative simulation studies

D.A4 -- Summary of results from comparative simulation calculations

D.A5 -- Report on new solar thermal collectors’ concepts/for industrial water treatment. Potential link with photocatalytic solar water treatment

D.A6 --  Summary of technical and economic studies to hand out and present to industry

D.A7 -- Summary report on lessons learned from demonstration projects and recommendations on best practices

D.A8 -- Conduction of, or participation in of 3 workshops initiated by the IEA activities 

D.A9 -- Set up of a reliable and sustainable crosslinked network of industry and academia

Subtask B

D.B1 -- Report on existing solar based technologies applied to industrial water decontamination and disinfection (real and research cases). Potential applications on industrial new sectors

D.B2 -- Report on new solar collectors’ concepts/design for hydrogen production and industrial water decontamination and disinfection. Potential link with thermal technologies

D.B3 -- Roadmap for technology implementation for defined applications and industries

D.B4 -- Technological, economic and political barriers for up-scaling new decontamination and disinfection systems for industrial water and wastewater management and reuse

D.B5 -- Report on legal thresholds for accomplishing water quality required depending on the final application

D.B6 -- Marketplace/Fair (tbd if virtual)

Subtask C

D.C1 -- Report on technologies to be considered for guidelines

D.C2 -- Report on how water-energy nexus concept is actually being applied in the industry

D.C3 -- Report on draft version of guidelines/decision making tool

D.C4 -- Report on final guidelines/decision making tool 

D.C5 -- Summary of media releases and workshop presentations