Task 62
Task 62
SHC Task 62

Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater

Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater Management



This Task will develop and provide the most suitable and accurate information on the technical and economical possibilities for effectively applying solar thermal energy and solar radiation to disinfect, decontaminate and separate industrial process water and waste water. Water shortages in specific regions worldwide as well the need of CO2 reduction and primary energy savings underline the importance of this research area and specific technological development will be required to develop tecno-economic solutions. This task will support specifically the solar energy industry, the water technology sector and the producing industry in identifying new technologies, innovative fields of application and business opportunities.


The scope of work covers all low temperature solar radiation technologies supplying either thermal or photon primary energy for fluid separation and water treatment in regard to industrial applications and sewage plants either in the context of municipal water treatment/purification or development cooperation.

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October 2018September 2022

Christoph Brunner
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